Which Australian brands are on Little Red Book?

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Which Australian brands are on Little Red Book?

Founded in 2013, Little Red Book (or Xiaohongshu in Chinese pinyin) is a popular social media app,
both in China, and around the globe. This Chinese-language app helps shoppers to find and review
lifestyle and fashion items. With 163 million users, most of whom are Gen Z (70%), it has around
140,000 brands listed on the site, making it a popular channel for marketing.


Little Red Book has an eCommerce feature, although many brands use it only for brand building and
promotions, as setting up this function has a number of terms and conditions.


So what are brands doing on Little Red Book?
Little Red Book is a user-generated content platform. Users post and share their product reviews,
shopping experiences and lifestyle tips, as well as discovering new products through short videos and


Brands will generally host their own official accounts on the platform, in order to conduct their
marketing and promotion activities. They can also pay for marketing through influencers, who have
large and dedicated audiences.


Here are 15 Australian brands that are active on Little Red Book. Click image to link to account. 

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