Comprehensive marketing and e-commerce services into Asia

Businesses have two options: stay at home or go global

Utilising multichannel selling, you can gain access to Asia in an instant and build your international business for cross-border trade. At China Blueprint, we’ll help you achieve this using the most sophisticated technology and popular social media apps. Where will you take your business next?


The world’s largest and most sophisticated e-commerce market.

South Korea

The sixth largest e-commerce market with high internet penetration. 


Poised for more growth and strong demand for international goods. 


Digitally mature with high internet penetration and speed. 

Asia is on your door step

Taking your business to the international marketplace, and into Asia, is no longer just for big business. It’s for anyone with an e-commerce business and an appetite for growth.  And getting started on the journey doesn’t even have to be expensive or complicated, with a thriving Asian community right here on our very own doorstep, Australia.


 At China Blueprint, we can get you started on your campaign in Asia by starting right here at home, using our comprehensive range of services.  We work with local influencers, celebrities, media personalities, and even Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) to help you build brand awareness. We can even do focus groups and proof of concept trials to ensure you are on the right track before you launch your million-dollar project overseas. 

Speak with one of our expert consultants to find our how you can start projecting your brand into Asia.

Influencer marketing


Social media




Asia is geographically close to Australia and is ready to do business with you. 

What’s holding you back?