Take your brand into Malaysia with a digital marketing strategy

The opportunity

The fast-growing US$21 billion digital economy of Malaysia is set for continued growth as more people enter the middle-class.   Malaysia is an attractive eCommerce market because of its dynamic economy and developed infrastructure for digital technology. Platforms such as Facebook and Youtube are popular and readily available in Malaysia, making it more attractive to Australian companies. 

Social Media Platforms in Malaysia

Nearly 90 per cent of Malaysia’s population of almost 33 million use the internet, and the country has a huge social media user base of 30.25 million. The average Malaysian spends nearly a third of the day using the internet, with around 3 hours of that time on social media.


Marketers should be aware that 57.4% of Malaysians look for information on brands and products on social media. So using social media to engage with their customers and provide information on their brands and products is a powerful and effective way to boost your busines.The top social media platforms in Malaysia are:


93% of internet users in Malaysia aged between 16 and 64 use WhatsApp. Apart from sending messages and videos, WhatsApp can also be used to form groups or even sell products online. Its ease of use has made it popular in Malaysia.


Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms in Malaysia. As of February 2022, there were 24.31 million Facebook users, with slightly more males than females and 84% accessing the platform via mobile phone.


In Malaysia, 47.2% of the country’s total population has an Instagram account. Interestingly older users there are attracted to Instagram and have adopted the name Insta-gran users. The audience size in 2022, was around 15.5 million.

Search Engines in Malaysia

Google leads the search engine marketplace in Malaysia, with a significant 98.15 percent share.  Bing,  and Malaysian built, Petal, and DuckDuckGo are no comparison. Tips to be aware of though, include; understanding local traffic, language, keyword preferences and nuances. 









Our Skills and Expertise

It’s clear that Google is the overwhelming search engine of choice in Malaysia. As an Australian company, when formulating your online marketing strategy, focus most of your effort on Google – and that means work to get organic results through Google searches. You could use Google’s PPC ads, but internet users have more trust in organic searches than in paid ads.  


We have the skills and expertise gained over years of helping businesses expand into Asian markets, including Malaysia, and can advise you on:

Cultural Advice



Regulatory Advice

Social Media

Web Technology

Malaysia’s e-commerce market has never been stronger. With growing internet penetration, and smarter, more powerful devices, Malaysian consumers are increasingly flocking to buy products and services online.

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