Live Streaming

Multilingual live commerce

Why wouldn’t you consider livestreaming into a $60bn industry?

Livestreaming for e-commerce is next-level online selling. It’s often described as part infomercial and part variety show. If you’re serious about being competitive in Asia, you need to be livestreaming, and China Blueprint can help you get started now. 

Livesteaming Services

Livestreaming services come in all forms and sizes, with their own styles and followers. They are a very effective way to showcase goods and services on online shopping malls.


When it’s time to incorporate livestreaming into your business, you may prefer an in-house strategy using your own people, or choose a celebrity livestreamer, or Key Opinion Leader (KOL). Whichever way you want to go, we can help you to choose the best platform and get started with our professional livestreaming services.


We work with Influencers and brands to provide influencer incubation, e-commerce, marketing and content creation, channel distribution, and influencer matching – and more.

Why use livestreaming for your brand?

Apart from being a $60bn industry, livestreaming has proven to be one of the most effective ways to market to the new generation of online digital consumers in Asia.


Livestreaming channels create the perfect opportunity for impulse buying by highlighting your brand’s features and benefits. Consumers follow popular livestreamers because they trust them. And that means, over time, they are more likely to become your repeat purchasers. 


The challenge for you, as a business owner, is to choose the right livestreaming channel and livestreamer, then package an offer that’s too good to resist. You must also consider supply chain and logistics, which can be challenging when you offer international freight. 


At China Blueprint, we pride ourselves on offering an end-to-end solution – and have the experience to back this up. 

Livestreaming Platforms

First and foremost, choose the right livestreaming platform, as your primary objective should be to ensure a large volume of traffic to the right demographic. 


The next critical step is to ensure you have the right people to livestream and represent your brand. 


Whether you are livestreaming for branding purposes or e-commerce, at China Blueprint we can help broadcast your brand in Asia on a range of different platforms, in Chinese, Bahasa, Korean and English.


Platforms include:

  1. WeChat
  2. Tik Tok
  3. Little Red Book
  4. Facebook
  5. Instagram


Speak with one of our livestreaming consultants to determine the best livestreaming solution for your business.

Livestreaming training

Investing in your own people gives you long-term viability, so team training is an investment in your future. 


At China Blueprint, we understand the importance of training. That’s why we offer bespoke inhouse and online training courses for your livestreaming team. 


Our training covers all aspects of livestreaming – from preparation, to technology, presentation style, and product planning. Our expert presenters have extensive experience in training at a professional level in both China and Australia. 

  “Companies report conversion rates approaching 30 percent—up to ten times higher than in conventional e-commerce.”

Source: McKinsey & Company