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Our Advantage

South Korea has a unique place in the world of social media, and is also recognised as a technology leader with a booming economy. Surprisingly, South Korea has the second highest number of active social media accounts in the world, with its own locally created social media platforms, such as in China. But unlike China, there is no censorship in South Korea. 

Social Media Platforms in South Korea

South Korea’s local platforms have overtaken global platforms because they use the local language, and South Korean users enjoy the highest internet speed in the world. 

Marketers who make cross border marketing strategies need to keep South Korea’s social media platforms in mind, because the same business strategy used in other parts of Asia
won’t be relevant here. The top social media platforms in South Korea are:

Kakao Talk

Monthly active users on KakaoTalk in South Korea averaged 44 million in December (2019), or 87% of the country’s 51 million population, with around 11 billion messages on average per day. 



With over 16 million Instagram users in Korea, it is one of the most popular lifestyle-sharing sites in the country with 3.4 million monthly active users in late 2020.   


Youtube is one of the top platforms in South Korea, thanks to its user-generated video-sharing capabilities with Koreas watching roughly 39 hours of YouTube per month. 

Search engines in South Korea

Whilst worldwide and in Korea, Google is one of the leading search platforms, Naver, a local platform is highly influential due to its highly localised search results, response to local brand needs, and recognition among Korean users.


These are the percentages of users for each of South Korea’s search engines:









Our skills and expertise

Formulating a global strategy for marketing is a great challenge, particularly for social media platforms. In South Korea, you need to be aware of their own social media platforms and their popularity levels. 


We have the skills and expertise gained over years of helping businesses expand into Asian markets, including South Korea,, and can advise you on:

Cultural Advice




Social Media

Web Technology

South Korea is the sixth largest market for e-commerce, with a revenue of US$119.5 billion in 2021. This placed it ahead of France and behind Germany. With an increase of 18%, the South Korean e-commerce market contributed to the worldwide growth rate of 18% in 2021.

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