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Just because you’re the loudest doesn’t mean you’ll be understood!

Social media and marketing can help open your business to millions of new customers and turn them into loyal fans, so it pays to get it right. At China Blueprint, we understand the channels used in Asia and will help you build powerful international campaigns that work. 

Digital Marketing  Services

We help you overcome obstacles of language and culture, with a clear-cut strategy for customer engagement, using our digital marketing services and selecting the perfect platform to project your brand’s message into Asia.


As we are based in Australia, you can choose to focus on the local community, or project directly into Asia, using Chinese, Bahasa, Korean, or English.


Services include:

  • Multi-Language marketing campaign design and creation   
  • Online campaign management
  • Chinese media management
  • Offline campaign management
  • Events and meetings


With years of experience taking international brands globally, we work with you to carefully craft a compelling and authentic message, staying true to your brand story. 


Market Research 

We understand that by clearly establishing your opportunity and knowing how to navigate the online Chinese and Asian environments, you can grow your business globally – and in a relatively quick timeframe.


This includes staying abreast of regulatory updates which are constantly evolving and that directly affect B2C, O2O and B2B websites in the global arena.


The first step in achieving this is with dedicated market research specific to your industry and  your business.


At China Blueprint we help you stay ahead of the competition, and provide:


  • Customised research 
  • Individual problem solving
  • Regulatory updates and advice
To learn more about the regulatory environment and research options, book an obligation FREE 1 hour discovery session with on of our trade experts.  

Our Client – Aumake

Aumake is an Australian-listed company based in Sydney that caters to the local (and international) Chinese community.


China Blueprint worked with Aumake to launch its Mid-Autumn festival campaign. Working in partnership with a local restaurant, Chefs Gallery, China Blueprint launched an online social media campaign that rewarded Aumake customers with dining rewards based on purchase volumes. 


Social media and influencer content was disseminated online via WeChat, Weibo and Xiaohongshu (Little Red Book), WeChat Groups and WeChat Mini-App, Instagram and Facebook.  


Marketing was localised to target Sydney-based Chinese residents. 


Print marketing materials were distributed via Aumake Stores. 


The campaign successfully recorded 540 voucher registrations, which included customer contact information and WeChat Mini-App subscriptions. 

This campaign supports the view that there is a strong and vibrant Chinese community in Sydney that can be motivated via Chinese social media apps.

China Blueprint also worked with Aumake to host a booth at the Sydney Family Expo 2022. the objective of the expo was to gain more followers on the WeChat Miniapp, and live streaming channel. The target audience was NSW based Chinese parents. 

During the expo, continuous livestreaming was broadcast, highlighting Aumake products and services. 


Followers to the Aumake Miniapp were collected via popular gaming techniques.

At Home or Abroad?

For many business owners, embarking on an international e-commerce strategy targeting Asia, the journey begins at home. The Asian diaspora in Australia is strong, with over 1.4m Chinese residents living here.   


What’s little known, or misunderstood, is that this community relies on its own language media channels, social media preferences, and events and entertainment.


If your business is embarking on a journey into Asia, it’s worth considering a more localised marketing campaign initially, where it’s quicker, cheaper, and easier to test your business concept.

Singles Day Shopping Festival on November 11 is one of the largest online shopping days in China. Imagine what Singles Day could do for your e-commerce business!

If you’d like to know how you can get your business ready for Singles Day, get in contact!

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