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Building an effective brand strategy for the global marketplace is crucial to building a profitable online digital presence. It’s not just a case of ‘translate it and they will come’. At China Blueprint, we support you through the process of going global, making you competitive in Asian markets. We help you look through your customers’ eyes so you target your market in the way that resonates with them.

Brand Strategy

Effective brand strategy cuts through language and culture. It doesn’t mean changing the essence of who you are. It’s putting your best foot forward.

Design Strategy

Even little things, such as a colour, can have very different meanings in different cultures, so you need to adapt your brand to suit your audience from country to country. 

Translation Strategy

Machines are still not capable of translating human emotion, which is why, when it comes to translating your marketing, humans are always better!

Brand Strategy Services

Building a unique brand strategy for any new market you enter is critical. Your brand not only conveys your message, but also gives your customers the confidence to buy from you – even when you’re on the other side of the world.


At China Blueprint, we understand the pivotal role your brand plays in the success of your business in Asia, and can help you design an effective brand strategy to navigate cultural, political, and socio-demographic differences.

Brand Strategy





Focus Groups

Brand Strategy for Teams

When it comes time to build your global brand, it’s important that everyone on your team clearly understands the end goal. The challenge will be getting everyone on the same page when it’s likely they’re in different locations, or from different backgrounds themselves. 


To help you achieve this social and cultural balance, we work with you to build a brand message that’s strong and consistent through the creation of clear guidelines.


  • China Brand and Style Guides
  • Chinese Language Guides
  • China Team Training

Our Client – Port Arthur

When our client, Port Arthur Historic Site, originally approached us to improve their Chinese marketing attraction strategy, it was apparent that a brand strategy was key.


This internationally renowned historic site was certainly popular amongst Chinese tour groups, but not for the reasons Port Arthur had originally assumed. In fact, Chinese customers were visiting for the site’s epic photographic opportunities. 


Working with Port Arthur to develop a brand strategy for Chinese customers allowed them to articulate a clear attraction strategy that not only moved interest into the FIT traveller, but also increased sales volume and sales revenue per individual customer.

Australian brands regularly rank among the top selling products in China on cross-border e-commerce platforms.

If you’d like to be one of those brands, lets have a conversation. 

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