Rose Fenjiu. Going global and speaking to women.

Rose Fenjiu. Going global and speaking to women.

I love it when a brand is inclusive and starts listening to its customers. This is exactly what the famous Chinese Fenjiu Group has done with its Baijiu, a traditional white alcoholic spirit from China. 


For years, Baijiu has been a men’s drink, typically when they do business together.  But now the Fenjiu Group has developed a light rose-flavoured Baijiu with women in mind. It’s sweeter, smoother, easier to drink, and can be mixed in a range of signature cocktails to make it even more appealing. Move over Cosmo and Expresso Martini; here comes the Kung Fu Panda – Fenjiu Panda!


The history of Baijiu dates back more than 6,000 years. This strong, aromatic, and sometimes fiery white spirit tips the charts at 40% to 60% alcohol. Baijiu, written in hieroglyphics as a Chinese word, is derived from bai (), which means transparent, and jiu () which means alcoholic drink. 


Despite this simple name, Baijiu is difficult to manufacture, demanding seven complex steps to be performed, with the last – ageing – taking up to five years.  It’s steeped in thousands of years of tradition and has a range of complexities when it comes to flavours. 


Traditionally, Baijiu has been enjoyed neat, served in a thimble-sized shot glass. For people who visit China regularly for business, Baijiu is synonymous with intensive drinking sessions over dinner with a Chinese boss (and his tag team of drinkers) as a symbol of sealing the deal in a business relationship.  


Drinking Baijiu has traditionally been a male-dominated activity. Women are often released from taking this celebratory, ritualistic drink, if not discouraged altogether. And generally, when they do drink, it’s something much lighter in alcoholic content. 


Fenjiu is a high-quality Baijiu originating from Shanxi Province. It’s recognised locally as one of China’s top four beverage brands. To make Fenjiu, sorghum is brewed using the ancient waters from Xinghua Village, producing a range of refined and mellow flavours. 


The Fenjiu Group’s latest addition, distributed in Australia by Fuja, is Rose Fenjiu, a slightly sweeter, more subtle version of the traditional beverage, integrating the fragrance of roses. Rose Fenjiu was launched in line with Fuja’s official sponsorship and celebration of the Chinese National Women’s Soccer Team, which will be competing in the Women’s 2023 FIFA World Cup. 


Having the opportunity to try Rose Fenjiu at its recent Sydney launch event, I was pleasantly surprised. Its smooth, creamy and sweet flavour was a long way from my memories of the pungent, fiery Baijiu of other brands I’ve experienced throughout my many years of doing business in China.


Served neat, or as a Kung Fu Panda or a Baijiu Sour cocktail, this delicious drink lit up the room and brought together many people from China and Australia. There was a real buzz in the air.


There’s a suggestion that when Richard Nixon first visited China, diplomatic relations improved after Baijiu was consumed. Perhaps Anthony Albanese can take this lesson in history on his next visit to China.


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