What do brands do to celebrate Easter with their Chinese customers?

What do brands do to celebrate Easter with their Chinese customers?

Firstly, Easter is not a religious festival celebrated by the majority of Chinese as it is in Christian cultures. It does, however, coincide with the transition of seasons, from winter to spring. During the month of April, the Chinese observe the Qingming festival, also known as Ancestors Day. 


Those that do partake in Easter festivities in China, mostly celebrate indirectly, beyond the Christian religious implications, by decorating eggs, gifting chocolate, and partaking in events or activities.  


When it comes to marketing, Easter tends to be a time for restaurants, shopping centers, and brands to get active and use this festival as a backdrop to build a relationship with their customers. Chinese consumers love food, love limited edition, and certainly love chocolate like the rest of us, so tourism and hospitality businesses take advantage. 


On Xiaohongshu, we can see Louis Vuitton is running a limited edition campaign and have teamed up with chocolate brand La Chocolaterie, producing a chocolate lion with flower petals and the LV logo.  


For Aldi in Shanghai, they utilise influencers to promote their in-store special Easter products. In this post, you can see the influencer has filled up her trolly with easter items, such as chocolate Easter eggs, and shares news about their special deals. 


Five-star hotels in China, are renowned for their high-quality cuisine and do not miss out on using Easter to promote a themed buffet. In Shanghai, the Portman Ritz-Cartlon and Kempinski both have an Easter luncheon, designed to tap in to the Chinese penchant for food.


Back at home in Australia, the Sydney Royal Easter Show is utilising paid promotions with influencers via Little Red Book, which can be easily found using search terms such as #悉尼Easter show.  The Grounds in Sydney, a popular food and entertainment center, is also using influencer marketing channels as well.


​Easter is a great opportunity for brands to get involved and connect with their Chinese customers. With a focus on limited edition, easter goodies, and some sales and promotions, there are plenty of ways for brands to get involved and build a loyal tribe of followers both in China and at home using popular social media platforms, and events activations. 


If you would like to know how your brand can get started, let’s talk. 

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