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Live Streaming 11.11 Day

Are you ready to live stream on the BIGGEST SALES DAY of the Chinese calendar – SINGLES DAY – on 11 November (11.11).

Kick-start your business through Mini Mall (蜂逛), one of Australia’s most popular WeChat live-streaming platforms, with a massive following among the Chinese community in Australia.

If you miss out now, you’ll have to wait 356 days for the next Singles Day.

The Opportunity

Mini Mall is giving you the opportunity to live-stream your brand on their huge Singles Day campaign. Sound amazing? It is. Not only is it affordable, but the campaign also includes a live-streaming team! All you do is supply your products and product information. It couldn’t be easier, or have a bigger reach.


Mini Mall

In just 2 short years, Mini Mall has:

  • over 100,000 registered users
  • 700+ merchants
  • 2,000 broadcasting rooms.
  • An average monthly gross merchandise value of AU$400,000.

Singles Day

Singles Day (or double 11 Day) Shopping Festival on November 11, is one of the largest online shopping days in China. Live-streaming is a core component of the success of Singles Day. This means you can introduce your products instantly to Chinese consumers who are geared up for shopping on Singles Day.

Imagine what Mini Mall and the Singles Day campaign could mean for your business! The Campaign

What you get:


  • Live-streaming, including professional streamer, for up to 5 of your products.
  • Live-streaming for 5 minutes for EACH PRODUCT. This is a total of 25 minutes, plus the introduction!
  • Product hosting on the Mini Mall platform with eCommerce
  • Pre-event marketing campaign on WeChat
  • Support and advice to help you choose which products to include, pricing and positioning.


What you provide:


  • Product samples
  • Basic product training
  • Product brief
  • A fantastic bargain for viewers
  • Logos and product images for marketing.

Who is this for?

Brand owners who are ready to sell to the Australian Chinese community, and who have Mainland China in their sights, with products in the following categories:

  • Skincare
  • Cosmetics
  • Food and beverages
  • Fashion and accessories.


What you don’t need:

  • A WeChat account
  • Any Chinese social media account
  • A Chinese eCommerce account

All of this is managed through Mini Mall. All you need is a registered business and brand. Mini Mall will handle the rest.

Discover how Mini Mall works:

Book a 1 hour FREE no obligation Discovery Session NOW.

The only prerequisite is that you are a registered business, and that you have a customer fulfillment capability once orders come in.

Your investment

Your investment in this extraordinary opportunity is just $700 for the whole package! This is without a doubt the most affordable way to get in on the live-streaming eCommerce action on Singles Day.

What is live-streaming?

Live-streaming for eCommerce is all the rage in China – and COVID has helped it on the way. But it’s vastly different from our Aussie live-streaming.

In China, it’s the next level in online selling, and is often described as part infomercial, and part variety show. Live streamers come in all forms and sizes, developing their style and following, and showcasing their goods and services on online shopping malls.

Livestreaming for your Australian Chinese Audience

Although Mainland China may be your end goal, many businesses miss out on live-streaming to target the huge market of Chinese living in Australia. These locals are often an easy way to support new and developing brands who have visions of entering China, but who want to take a staged approach, testing their brand on local Chinese. It’s certainly a cheaper, faster way to get proof of concept. It’s also a great way to boost your revenue locally, targeting an untapped but very influential market.

The mini-mall platform has a large following in both Mainland China, Australia, and New Zealand. So if you’re a new brand to the Chinese community, it makes sense to first target those closer to home.

Getting started

The Singles Day Campaign takes place on 11 November 2021. Register asap so we can prepare your samples and familiarise the live streamers with your products.

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