Canton Fair – now an online event!

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Canton Fair – now an online event!

In response to COVID 19 and travel restrictions, this year’s Canton Fair is taking place online for both sellers and buyers, 15th – 24th June 2020. From all appearances, it appears to to be working and looks to be the new norm as travel restrictions continue to prevent international movements.


Canton Fair Organisers took a very proactive approach towards supporting exhibitors so that they could meet the technical challenges of exhibiting online. They could be setting the pace for the new normal when it comes to global trade fairs.


Naturally, buying online is always going to pose a number of issues as there is nothing quite like seeing a product in its physical form and in action. There is also the matter of due diligence and extra measures that will need to be put in place in order to ensure the quality of the goods before consideration to buying can take place.


Here is a news report provided by the Canton Fair, which talks about the experience of an exhibitor and the support that was provided to bring them up to speed.




As a member of the Jiangsu trade delegation, electric equipment manufacturer Jiangsu Hezhi Electric gained two orders valued at $560 million in total on June 17, the third day of the ongoing 127th Canton Fair.


The COVID-19 outbreak has caused the company to lose some orders and cancelled all plans to attend foreign exhibitions during the first half of 2020. When told that the 127th Canton Fair would be held online, its staff members were caught in a dilemma. They were excited that the fair negated space limitations and provided a broader platform for enterprises to display products and technologies. On the other hand, the company had never participated in the online event before and its staff members lacked experience in livestreaming and online marketing.


Once they learned about the problem, the Jiangsu trade delegation took targeted measures at once.


The company was offered four online trainings in two days, including a comprehensive explanation of online transactions and various skills.


The delegation also sent a team to the business during the exhibition period to provide technical support.


Thanks to these efforts, Hezhi Electric staff members gave a detailed introduction of products in the live broadcast on June 17 and showed customers their factories and facilities.


Their quality products and professional services earned wide recognition from foreign buyers. A Singaporean customer and a Ukraine-based enterprise placed an order later. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread overseas, uncertainties brought by the health crisis are the biggest obstacles for enterprises to trade with their foreign partners, said a Jiangsu Hezhi Electric staff member.


“Online exhibitions and fairs have become main platforms for us to expand international markets. The company will embrace the opportunity and strive to enhance product quality and contribute to the stable growth of foreign trade,” he added.


Check out the Canton Fair official website for more information about future events. You can still login and register to be a buyer if you are looking to source goods from China. Contact us if you need any assistance or support with your import business, including sourcing manufacturers and inspection services.

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